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Humanities and Behavioral Sciences

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2019 Virginia Association of Communication Arts and Sciences Conference

The 2019 conference, “Redrawing Boundaries,” invites individual and group papers, panels and poster presentations that challenge existing social boundaries and explore new borders by connecting research and theory to Communication practice. How can we create new boundaries that include greater inclusivity, participation, and engagement? In what ways can we collaborate to broaden the mindset of existing boundaries? In this time of political and social upheaval, how can we, as practitioners, encourage and motivate others to engage in positive social change? We look forward to the conversations, hearing the research presented, and engaging with each other as we redefine our own boundaries.

Instructions: Attendees - please complete each section required below and select the appropriate registration type. Once you have completed all fields, "Add to Cart" and then proceed to shopping cart to enter payment information. Once you have fully registered, you will be able to print off a receipt and will receive an email confirmation.

Employers - If registering multiple attendees, fill out all information for first attendee and add to the cart before entering next attendee.